Actress and hip-hop mogul on the town until 9am

Brace yourself for news on showbiz’s latest unlikely friendship.

Sienna Miller, 25, and P Diddy, 37, have been spotted together trawling New York’s hottest hang-outs including Bungalow 8.

And the pair didn’t call it a day until 9am in the morning when Diddy dropped the actress off at her hotel in his £400,000 Mercedes.

The hip-hop mogul – who last month celebrated the birth of twin girls with his long-term partner Kim Porter – is said to be a devoted family man, even though he still likes to endulge in the odd night out every now and then.

‘They made an odd pair but they seemed to be having a right laugh together,’ a source told the Daily Mirror. ‘You can see they have a lot of fun.

‘The next morning they both looked like they’d done a hard night’s partying and seemed a little worse for wear.’