Actress pines for fiancé

Sienna Miller is reported to have sent 53 texts to fiancé Rhys Ifans in just 8 hours.

The actress is currently filming new movie GI Joe in LA and is finding it hard to cope with being apart from her fella, 39.

‘Sienna is missing Rhys massively and they have stayed in constant contact,’ says a source.

‘She boasted that they sent each other 53 texts in the space of 8 hours. Everyone’s been saying she must have had smoke coming out of her mobile.’

Now pals are concerned Sienna, 26, could injure her hands.

‘We’ve also been telling her that if she doesn’t calm down she’ll end up with repetitive strain injury – and won’t ever be able to text him again!’ the source tells the Daily Mirror.

‘Sienna’s started trying to use alternate hands to give her thumbs a bit of a break.’

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