Are the reunited pair about to add to Jude’s brood?

They’ve only been back together for two months, but Sienna Miller and boyfriend Jude Law are already talking about marriage and starting a family.

After rekindling their relationship 
in New York in November, sources close to the couple 
say they’ve ‘taken up where they left off’ with both of them telling friends that if they’d stayed together they’d be married and have kids by now.

‘Sienna’s incredibly maternal,’ a source tells Now. ‘She’s been broody for ages. Although she was only 23 when she was first with Jude, she thought she was ready to be a mum.

‘Her sister Savannah was 26 when she had her first child Moses, so at 28, Sienna feels like she’s playing catch-up.’

Sienna‘s spoken in 
the past about her desire to be a mum, revealing: ‘I really want bubbies… 
I always have – and 
Sav proves you can 
work and be a mum.’

Insiders say she wants Jude, 
37, to be her baby daddy.

Sienna talked 
about having babies with Rhys Ifans and even with Balthazaar Getty,’ says our insider. ‘She’s wanted to be a mum since before she split with Jude and 
that feeling has never gone away.

‘She knows Jude‘s a great dad and she’s always admired the relationship he has with his kids by ex-wife Sadie Frost. She can’t believe she’s lucky enough to have a second shot with him. 
I think it’s like a dream come true for her.’

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