Tattooist says Cara now has 10 inkings

Cara Delevingne has added yet another tattoo to her collection.

The quirky model unveiled her latest skin ink – the word ‘silence’ written on her wrist – in an Instagram snap yesterday.

❤ Silence speaks when words can’t @bangbangnyc,’ Cara, 21, captioned the picture.

It comes just days after Cara showed off two other new inkings – a Roman numeral under her breast and a Southern Cross around her ear – that she had done during a recent trip to Brazil.

Her latest work was etched by New York tattooist Bang Bang, who is responsible for several of Cara‘s etchings.

Cara seemed to have a lot of fun at his parlour, having posted a photo of a whisky shot with a fitting gun-shaped piece of ice in the glass during her visit.

She then joined the artist to watch another tattooist at work.

Bang Bang also shared the picture of Cara‘s wrist inking and revealed that the model’s body art collection is now in double figures.

My girl @caradelevingne newest addition… Met her 6 months ago, now she has 10 tattoos! #hooked,’ the tattooist posted on Instagram.

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