X Factor judge doesn't believe singer is in meltdown


Simon Cowell reckons Britney Spears’ is playing some kind of game with the media.

The music mogul, 46, insists the troubled singer, 26, is having a laugh.

‘Everyone thinks it’s breakdown this and breakdown that,’ he says. ‘From the kind of stunts she’s pulling now, she is the puppet master and completely in control.

Recently Simon invited Britney – who many fear is showing signs of manic depresssion – to appear on American Idol to help her get her career back on track.

But now he believes she doesn’t need saving.

‘I really felt for her at one point, I thought she was heading for a meltdown and everything was out of control,’ he tells the Daily Record.

‘But, especially over the past week, I thought she was honestly in control and, more to the point, wants to be in control.

‘If you don’t want to get any press attention, just keep your head down, don’t drive yourself anywhere and sit in the back of blacked-out limousine.

‘But if she thinks she knows what she is doing, then good luck to her.’

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