X Factor judge reveals his secret weapon


Simon Cowell reckons he doesn’t need to bother with corny chat up lines – he just smiles and women come running.

The music mogul, who flirted outrageously with Dannii Minogue, 36, on The X Factor, says one flash of his pearly whites is enough to get a girls’ attention.

‘I don’t need to use chat up lines,’ he says. ‘I just look at a girl and smile, and if she responds that means she’s interested.’

But while the 47-year-old admits he’s a bit of a smooth talker, he says he can’t bear all the lovey-dovey stuff that comes along with relationships.

‘I suppose I’m a bit of a flirt,’ he tells the Sunday Mirror, ‘But I just enjoy the company of women.

‘But I don’t do romantic. I don’t do roses, and I cringe at the thought of Valentine’s Day.’

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Alison Adey