X Factor judge says he’s a bit of a snoop

Simon Cowell has revealed that he uses a telescope to peer into his neighbours’ gardens.

The X Factor judge says he was influenced by 1979 cult comedy 10, where Dudley Moore’s character is seen snooping on locals in Beverly Hills.

‘I saw that Dudley Moore film and it was great,’ Simon, 48, tells the Daily Mirror. ‘Afterwards, I got a telescope installed in my kitchen so I can spy on people.

‘I look out over the Hollywood Hills into my neighbours’ gardens. It’s an amazing view. It isn’t powerful enough to see into their homes – so you can’t see them in the shower – but you can see into their gardens. I

‘It’s great fun. I just like to keep an eye on what is happening.’

Simon’s neighbours include Britney Spears, Leonardo DiCaprio, John Travolta and Christina Aguilera.

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