Simon admits he was ‘totally miserable' before meeting Lauren and having his son

We’ve certainly seen a different side to TV’s Mr Nasty since he became a father to gorgeous little Eric.

Now Simon Cowell has admitted that having a baby boy with his girlfriend Lauren Silverman actually saved him from a life of loneliness and depression.

Simon has admitted: ‘If I went to a psychiatrist, it’d be a long session.

‘I do have a number of issues that probably need dealing with because I’m quite odd in some ways. I get very dark moods for no reason.’

He expanded on his mental health problems last week, confessing he did seek medical help.

‘Did a doctor say I was depressed? Yeah,’ Simon, 54, revealed.

‘I mean I knew it myself. You’re always looking for the next high from the show and then if you haven’t got anyone to share it with, you can go a bit nuts.’

In the past, Simon‘s admitted that he had nothing better to focus on than work, saying: You can be having the best time of your life and yet you’re utterly and totally miserable.

‘I get very antisocial, depressed and irritable with people. I just sit on my own for days. Things might have gone really well and then I torture myself.

‘I have to find something to make me miserable.’

However, now that he’s embracing a new role as a family man, Simon is putting his dark days behind him.

Instead of being locked away alone in his LA home and working all night, he says his life is more settled.

At the launch of his X Factor musical I Can’t Sing! he couldn’t keep his eyes off Lauren and told

Now: I feel more relaxed now Eric is around. He’s inspired me.’

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