X Factor The Band kicks off on Monday and Simon Cowell has released a trailer for the show - filmed from what appears to be his Syco offices.

Simon Cowell is hoping the reality show will find the next biggest boy or girl band in the world. But with just days for the production team to find entrants and hold auditions, after X Factor All Stars 2019 was scrapped, it’s not surprising that even the trailer looks like it had been done on a tight schedule and budget.

The clip, captioned ‘Take a deep breath. It’s time to face @SimonCowell and @NicoleScherzinger! The #XFactorTheBand starts Monday 9th December on @ITV and @WeAreSTV1’

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It starts with the cameras entering the reception, as if the viewers are the contestant. the receptionist says, ‘The judges are ready for you’ as the camera turns and moves into the main office, to face Simon Cowell and Nicole Scherzinger, a rapid heartbeat can be heard speeding up, and Simon eventually says after a lengthy pause for effect, ‘Welcome to the X Factor’.

One fan said, ”What?? This is so weird.’ Another pointed out, ‘Just two judges?’

Another asked, ‘No Louis Walsh?’

But judge and Pussycat Doll singer Nicole, commented, ‘Ready or not, here we come.’

And if you’re wondering whether auditions actually looked like that, one contestant commented, ‘I was on that show that’s 100 per cent what it looked like to walk into that room.’

Another fan added, ‘This even gives me anxiety’.

But others aren’t convinced by the new format. One wrote, ‘I can see this being a car crash of a show TBH.’

Success or not, ultimately the viewing ratings will be the judge of that…