He reckons bosses think he’s ‘the Antichrist’

Simon Cowell reckons he wasn’t on the guest list for last night’s Oscars because show bosses look down on him.

‘They think I’m the Antichrist,’ says the X Factor supremo. ‘They don’t like us TV people to be part of it – it’s ridiculous. It reeks of snobbery.’

Simon, 48, doesn’t think he missed much, anyway.

‘I have nothing to do with the Oscars – and nor do I want to,’ he quips. ‘I’ll only go if someone has invited me. I hate the whole movie industry. It’s so stuck up I can’t bear it.’

In fact, Simon insists he prefers staying at home with a cup of hot chocolate.

‘I hardly ever go out in LA,’ he tells the Daily Mirror. ‘I have never seen Posh and Becks or any celebrities, really, because we don’t go to the same places.

‘I have one favourite restaurant, Ago, that I go to and that’s it, really. I have too much going on with the rest of my life to be going out all the time.’

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