An emotional Simon Cowell reveals how a moving performance reminded him of something close to his heart

Simon Cowell has spoken about how he was moved to tears by an X Factor performance that reminded him of his late mum.

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The 55-year-old music mogul was seen getting emotional when hopeful Josh Daniel gave a moving rendition of Labrinth’s ballad Jealous during the live auditions and had to go off to be alone afterwards.

Now he’s opened up about how the sad tune made him think of his beloved mother Julie, who passed away aged 89 in July just days before the auditioning process began.

Speaking to ITV Loose Women’s Ruth Langsford and Jane Moore during an interview that will air on Monday at 12.30pm, Simon said: ‘I mean it was quite near when it all happened and I think it was the last audition.

‘I wasn’t really expecting what happened and of course the lyric of the song and it was quite difficult because I thought, “God this is going to be really hard to sit through this.”

‘But then you’ve got to think of him [the auditionee] and it’s his moment but yes it was very emotional.’

The whole thing was made even more moving by the fact that Josh was singing the track in honour of his friend who had died aged just 18.

Simon clearly found it hard to return to work on The X Factor so soon after his mum’s death but has admitted that he knows it’s what she’d would have wanted.

‘She was a huge fan of the show,’ he said.

‘She loved the show which sort of made the decision, “When do you go back to work on something like this?” because it’s hard and it really was what I thought she would have said to me which was, “No 100% you’ve got to go back to work.”’

The full interview will be shown on the Monday edition of Loose Women, 12.30pm weekdays on ITV.

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