Simon Cowell has spoken out against a new feature to The X Factor, and how 'uncomfortable' it made him.

Oh Simon Cowell, you lil’ softie.

The newly reformed Mr-Nice-Guy is back armed with another uncharacteristically delivery of, er, niceness. But what exactly has spurred on this latest dose of Cowell cuteness?!

As it turns out, the X Factor top dog is less than pleased with the format for this years Judges Houses round of the competition- which was broadcast live last weekend.


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The new format saw the contestants ‘beg’ for a chance to stay in the show, a new feature that was not given a vital ‘ay-okay’ stamp from Mr Cowell before hand.

Speaking to The Daily Mail, the 56-year-explained ‘I had just been back a day from America and was jet-lagged. I walked on to the show and hadn’t a clue what was going on half the time’. 

He continued, ‘Then I realised, ‘Oh my God, they’ve been asked to beg – I can’t do this.’ So we stopped it on day two’.

And before we all share a massive collective ‘AWWWW’ in favour of Simon and his niceness, we suggest you hold your horses because there is more…

The mogul then explained how it made him feel:’Uncomfortable? It was horrific, so that’s scrapped 100%. It was shambolic’.

In fact, the situation made him feel so bad he even gave The X Factor hopefuls a lil’ DMC (deep meaningful chat)- ‘I said [to the contestants], ‘Look, I had no idea this was going on but please don’t beg – just make a clear point why you should be there’. Then at the end of the show I said, “we can’t do that”.’

Scratch The X Factor surface and you’ll find a whole tonne of Cowell cuteness…

Monica Michael, The X Factor wild card, revealed her phone call with the Syco boss inviting her back on the show to The Mirror. During the chat, Si told Monica he had been having sleepless nights over her not making it to the live shows.

Monica then revealed, ‘he told me not to let my confidence be knocked by what happened because he believes in me’.

Okay people, altogether now… AWWWWWWW!

Alice Perry