Finnish singer Saara is favourite to win this weekend

With only days until the next X Factor winner walks away with the title, the question of who it’ll be has never been more relevant.

After a bit of a shaky start at the start of the live rounds, finding herself competing in the live sing-off two weeks in a row, Saara Aalto looks in with a great chance of winning, and is currently the bookies’ favourite.

But with it being a competition that’s looking to find the next great star of the British charts, what does show boss and judge Simon Cowell think about the prospect of Finnish contestant Saara taking the crown?

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Simon, 57, recently took the opportunity to speak about the upcoming final and everyone’s excitement to see the spectacle of a show that we’ve looked forward to in the past. And when asked about the idea of someone from another country winning, Simon responded well:

‘I don’t mind that at all. Different people from different countries have won Got Talent, it doesn’t make any difference. It shows what we are like as a show, what the audience is like, they are welcoming.’

Too right, Si! Elsewhere in his chat with The Sun, Simon took the opportunity to take a little swipe at his long-established feuding partner Will Young. Though Pop Idol champion Will was set to be on-screen this Winter as part of the Strictly Come Dancing line-up, he quit the show in the early stages.

Politician Ed Balls, however, stuck it out for as long as he could, despite the fact that he was not the best dancer in the world – and clearly, that’s a quality that impressed Simon.

‘I have respect for Ed because anyone who can poke fun at themselves means they are a fun person,’ Simon said.

‘He didn’t take himself too seriously, unlike Will.’

Ahh, some things never change! Stay catty, Simon…