Duran Duran frontman thinks she's on death's door

Duran Duran frontman Simon Le Bon fears Amy Winehouse will die of malnutrition.

The 80s popstar – who’s just released a new single with Justin Timberlake – says he doesn’t understand why no one’s taking care of the singer.

‘Why can’t someone look after her?’ he moans.

‘If she doesn’t die of a drug overdose, she’s going to die of malnutrition. That’s what worries me. What happened to those fabulous tits of hers?’

And the 49-year-old says the jazz diva desperately needs some TLC – and hot soup.

‘I’d like to sit her down, put some warm clothes on her, get her out of her blood-stained clothes, give her a bath put some food in her,’ he tells the Daily Express.

‘She’s too skinny.’

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