X Factor judge slams 'smug' rival for outing Unconventionals

The X Factor judges are not renowned for their harmonious relationships but Louis Walsh has slammed rival panel member Simon Cowell for voting off his act, The Unconventionals.

Irishman Louis, 54, was furious with Simon Cowell, 47, whose vote meant the unusual group of singers were the first act to leave the show on Saturday night.

Louis called Simon ‘smug’ and told The Sun’s TV Biz: ‘I couldn’t believe what he did. Losing these guys so early on is just plain wrong.They’re perfect for the show because they’re different.’

The band itself was also disappointed with their early exit – blaming bad advice, as well as insufficient airtime, for their rejection.

Frontman Drew Jaymson said: ‘You put your trust in people in the business who are supposed to make the right choices but this didn’t work for us.

‘If we’d sung acappella like people are used to hearing us, we may still be in it.’