As if we couldn't love Simone Biles even more

It’s said often that it’s good to remember that celebrities are real people too, despite all the perks that fame brings. And even though they seem like superhuman, superheroes to some, the same applies for Olympic athletes too.

Four-time Rio 2016 Gold medallist Simone Biles, is the most decorated American gymnast in history, and has secured her place in the hearts of millions globally. However, she’s still a 19 year-old girl, and over the years has made no secret of her undying love for hunky actor Zac Efron.

And on Tuesday evening (16th August), she received what’s probably the biggest surprise of her life – by Zac flying into Rio, and delivering a big ol’ smacker on her cheek. Aww!

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As well as her incredible prowess in everything gymnastic, Simone is infamous in the realm of celebrity-on-celebrity crushes for her obsession with Zac, even revealing that she has a life-size cut-out of him in her bedroom.

Simone and a life-size Zac Efron. Standard

Simone and a life-size Zac Efron. Standard

‘Sometimes, I used to… kiss him on the cheek,’ she admitted to NBC Nightly News earlier this month, before acknowledging that it was ‘a little strange’. (Don’t worry, Simone – we feel ya.)

And ever since her first event in Rio 2016, Zac’s been laying on the admiration for her himself, showing praise for Simone and the Final Five ladies of Team USA gymnastics at every opportunity.

It’s been an absolute joy to watch.

So it seems a fitting progression, then, that he turned up as a surprise guest to congratulate the team in Rio…

…and then the High School Musical star gave us the cutest moment of the Olympics so far, by giving super-fan Simone a surprise kiss on the cheek:

SWOON. Of course, Twitter was alight with reactions – plenty of the best ones coming from Simone herself:

So you see, people – we can all meet the man of our dreams! All it takes is a dash of charm, a butter-wouldn’t-melt smile and a ton of Olympic success… a piece of cake!