Tallia Storm tells Now how she went from schoolgirl to hanging out with Brooklyn Beckham

She was dubbed ‘Tiny Chancer’ after leaving her demo CD with Elton John’s partner David Furnish when she was just 13. Now, at 16, Scottish singer Tallia Storm’s known for her rocking fashion, big hair and even bigger voice, has Brooklyn Beckham on speed dial, counts Eva Longoria as a mate and has 55k followers on Instagram…


How did you meet Brooklyn? 

We met two years ago at the Capital FM Summertime Ball. He had his brothers with him and I’ve got two younger brothers so we had plenty to talk about. He’s cheeky and funny and we have a lot of fun together. A character in my novel Pop Girl has huge similarities to him.


Have you been to the Beckhams’ home?  

Yes, they’re a lovely family, so down to earth. Victoria’s one of the funniest people I’ve ever met. She’s hysterical. So is Eva Longoria, who’s been a big supporter of mine over the past couple of years. I’m inspired by what she’s achieved with her fashion brand.


Is there any romance on the cards with Brooklyn? 

We’re such good friends now that it might be weird! He has a lot of banter– he’s not spoilt and he’d never name drop. We dance around the kitchen to Drake. But for now my album is my boyfriend.


You’ve just done your Nationals [the Scottish GCSE equivalent]. How did you fit them in? 

It was challenging but I pushed myself. Now it’s 100 per cent music. I’m over with school!


Are you in touch with Elton?

Yes, he’s told me to take my time and not to rush. He said: ‘I’d much rather you had a No 90 in the charts and still be here in 10 years.’ He gave me the platform of a lifetime so it’s my turn to prove him right.


Do you get pressure from record companies?

It’s so easy to be promised the world, fall for it and believe this person will make me the next Katy Perry overnight. But you have to do your time. All the greats have hustled for years – there’s no such thing as becoming the next big thing overnight.


You’ve got your mum as manager and your dad as songwriter. Is that tricky?

Mum says it like it is – she keeps me in line. She’s been in the business for 20 years. And in the studio, there’s no sugar-coating. Dad’ll just say: ‘Tough shit, do it again.’ He can play a gazillion instruments and he knows my voice, so it’s win-win for me.


You’re working with Jeans For Genes – tell us more.

It’s a charity that helps children with genetic defects – it absolutely jolted my heart. I just wanted to try to help these kids.


Jeans For Genes Day is on 18 September. Find out more at jeansforgenesday.org. Tallia’s novel Pop Girl (£7.99, Scholastic) is out on 1 October