TV legend has his famed pink specs swiped

Sir Jimmy Savile has been robbed in the street.

The TV legend, 81, had his famous pink specs stolen by a woman thought to be in her 20s.

The incident took place on Wednesday after an awards do at the Queen’s Hotel in Leeds.

But Sir Jimmy – who was uninjured – joked that the mugging reminded him of his heyday, when he was a chick magnet.

‘I was walking down the corridor and this girl jumped on me from the side and wrestled my John Lennon-style glasses off my head and legged it down the corridor,’ he tells the Daily Express.

‘I thought it was marvellous because I haven’t been jumped on by a girl for nearly 50 years. If I ever find her I’d like to buy her a box of chocolates.

‘It was a moment of mad impulse and I think the glasses will finish up on eBay.’

Police say their inquries are ongoing.