The good, the bad and the AWKWARD - relive the best Made in Chelsea fights

Things got SUPER tense yesterday between Made in Chelsea‘s Louise Thompson and Lauren Hutton.

It all started with a naked selfie, which Lauren posted on Twitter last Monday. Just a few hours later, Louise dubbed her model co-star ‘fame hungry’ in an interview with the Mail Online – which appeared to be a direct swipe at Lauren’s sultry snap.

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Taking the bait, Lauren hit back with an angry Tweet in which she declared she had no ‘f**ks to give’.

GULP! The total awkwardness between the pair got us reminiscing about some of the other total fall-outs on the show. So here are our top five TOTES AWKWARD fights between Made In Chelsea’s posh totties:

The one where Millie slaps Spencer

How could we forget this one?! Millie, almost screaming with frustration after love rat Spencer denied cheating on Louise multiple times, launched a hefty slap at his face. Oh Millie, we didn’t know you had it in you!

The one where everyone gets up in Lucy’s grill

Probably one of the best reality TV lines ever, Lucy Watson cut down a heated dispute between Spencer and Andy with the immortal words: ‘Why is everyone getting up in my grill?’…CUE total hilarity all around, with Millie asking ‘Who SAYS that?’

The one where Victoria calls Cheska a ‘fat turkey’

We had a feeling that the Made in Chelsea girls wouldn’t be spending Christmas together again after the epic fall-out in Season 4. Things got super-catty, with Lucy saying Victoria was ‘dressed like a really expensive prostitute.’ Things got worse when Lucy’s pal Cheska pleaded with the group to get along – ‘It’s Christmas!’- to which Victoria responded with a particularly festive outburst, telling Cheska to  ‘Stop opening your f***ing fat mouth you f***ing fat turkey!’ Yikes.

The one where Lucy fires Riley

Lucy’s intern Riley Uggla turns up at work with some news: she’s planning a date with Jamie Laing, whom Lucy has romantic history with. This prompts a totally painful moment where Lucy announces, ‘I don’t think we can continue working together,’ reminding her that the one she asks from her employees is loyalty. EEK. Arguably the fact that Riley rolls in at lunchtime to start her working day is a factor, too.

The one where Francis sticks his beak in it

A sophisticated masquerade ball doesn’t stop the Sloane crowd from having an angry sound-off. Francis, who is wearing a comical beak mask, calls Rosie a ‘gossip vigilante’ after she interferes with his romantic pursuit of gorgeous intern, Agne. To be fair, Francis had made a bizarre joking-not-joking arrangement with Fredrick to ‘share’ Agne, but the diamond mine heir is still furious with Rosie, asserting: ‘you have no right to meddle in my business.’

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