Is the universe trying to tell Kerry something?


Kerry Katona is set to walk down the aisle for the third time later this month with fiance George Kay, 34.

But after a drama-filled month, we’re wondering if there is some higher power pointing to the fact that maybe this isn’t Kerry‘s much longed for ‘happy ever after’…

1. She was a no-show at her hen do
The former Atomic Kitten singer, 33, was spotted crying and refused to attend the couple’s joint pre-wedding hen and stag do aboard a luxury cruise this weekend. Guests were left waiting for 45 minutes before being told that the party was cancelled.

2. Her fiance was sectioned a few weeks ago
Last month, George was detained under the Mental Health Act after running down the road threatening to kill someone. Kerry later revealed that she wanted to ‘beat the shi** out of him’ for his crazy drug-fuelled meltdown after George admitted that the outburst was due to a cocktail of alcohol and steroids.

3. Her exes are worried
They haven’t even made it down the aisle yet, but Kerry and George‘s relationship is already causing controversy with ex husbands Mark Croft and Brian McFadden. The former Westlife singer reportedly expressed his rage, claiming that he’s ‘fed up of his daughters living in a soap opera’. Mark is equally furious, apparently threatening to call social services after George‘s steroid-abuse revelations.

4. She’s been there, done that…
Kerry + marriage = divorce. The mother-of-five has already been married TWICE, with each one ending in disaster. Isn’t the world trying to tell her something?

5. She wants another baby – ASAP!
Kerry only gave birth to baby number five – a gorgeous little girl called Dylan-Jorge – in April this year. But recently announced that George is desperate for her to have a SIXTH child as soon as they are married. With a large family and both her own and her fiance’s demons still to conquer, surely another baby will put even more stress on her?

6. She’s just suffered a family tragedy
As if all that wasn’t enough, this morning Kerry tweeted the sad news that her 84-year-old nanny Betty had passed away after suffering a fall, saying ‘Heartbroken RIP love all your world nan xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx’

Kerry, we want you to be happy but maybe it’s best to put the wedding plans on ice for a little while?

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