She's the size 24 model everyone's talking about...

While the majority of the world’s most successful models stand at Amazonian heights with impossibly slender limbs that seem never ending, American model Tess Holliday, 29, is defying them all.

She stands at just 5’5″, is covered in tattoos and celebrates her size 24 curves, never covering up and using them to promote body confidence among women of all shapes and sizes, by fronting many modeling campaigns, including lingerie. She calls herself a ‘body positive activist.’

And her message has a real resonance with women the world over, as we saw on Channel 4’s Plus Sized Wars, Tess Holliday has helped many plus sized women embrace fashion and their figures.

With 627k followers on Instagram this model’s notoriety is only on the increase, so who is Tess Holliday? Here are six things about her.

1: Despite people assuming that being a size 24 means she doesn’t exercise, Tess does frequently. She trains with a personal trainer four times a week, plus hikes and swims.

2: She is a mum to a little boy called Rilee. She had him when she was just 20 and for years was a single mother.

3: Her greatest inspiration is her mum who is paralysed. Tess says: ‘She has been through so much and is so tough and strong, she’s the reason I never gave up. I thought id she can conquer and do anything, there’s no reason that I can’t life my dream. She always pushed me and I wanted to make her proud.’

4: Tess is engaged to Australian businessman Nick Holliday – who’s name she has already adopted. He also describes himself as an artist and designer. Oh and he’s really cute.

5: She’s had to deal with her fair share of haters, and has a message for Katie Hopkins, who openly hates fat people. ‘I think she needs a better education, to be honest, that’s ridiculous. What does she expect people to do about their genes, their ancestry and the way they were born.

‘Also, what people do with their bodies is nobody’s business, so if she doesn’t want to be around fat people, she should probably go and live in a bubble on an island.’

6: There is only one thing that Tess would change about herself and that is: ‘To think before I speak.’

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