The Skins star recovering from kidney infection

Kaya Scodelario has been in hospital since Friday with a kidney infection.

The actress, who plays Effy in teen drama Skins, has taken to her Twitter page to tell fans how she’s getting on.

‘Feel sh*t. And on top of that they have put me on the crazy old people ward,’ she Tweeted when she first arrived.

‘Sooooooooooo [sic] bored. Nothing to do in hospitals. Old people don’t have much banter.’

Kaya, 18, has also been missing actor boyfriend, Elliott Tittensor, who stars in TV series Shameless.

‘Wish @ETittensor was here to make me feel better,’ she Twhimpered.

But now Kaya‘s definitely feeling a lot happier.

‘Mates came 2 c me in hospital yesterday, cheered me up. Then @ETittensor drove 4 hours 2 surprise me with flowers. Made me so happy. Love u.’

Jayna Rana