Justin Bieber is trying to bulk up

Keen to buff up, Justin Bieber, 18, has started a new diet – but it’s giving him smelly breath.

A source says: ‘He’s desperate to have abs like Zac Efron.

‘He eats tuna steaks to bulk up fast, but his breath stinks!’

Funnily enough, the teen sensation appeared to have the same problem in March 2011.

The teen megastar brought the city of Liverpool to a standstill as thousands of screaming schoolgirls set up camp outside his hotel, the boutique Hard Days Night.

Hotel staff confirmed to Now Justin was perfectly behaved, hiring out the entire fifth floor for his entourage and choosing the £750-a-night McCartney suite for himself.

But one of the housekeepers overheard Justin
getting a right bollocking from his mum Pattie, who bellowed: It’s not
like I’m asking you to write your own emails, I’m just asking you to
brush your teeth!’

Read more about Justin Bieber in Now magazine dated 12 December 2012 – out now! 


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