These celebrity Instagram shots will make your life feel as about exciting as watching Antiques Roadshow with your nan on a rainy Sunday

Smug celebrity Instagrams

How the other half live, eh? And by ‘other half’ we mean champagne-quaffing, private-jet-catching celebs, of course.

It seems we can’t go a day without looking at our Instagram feed without an A-lister giving us major travel/shopping/general life goals with yet another (some might say smug) snap showing off their fabulous life.

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Take, for example, the other morning when we were doing out usual ‘try to avoid that stinky man stood next to you’s armpit’ routine on the packed bus to work, only to whip out our smartphone and see Kylie Jenner striking a pose next to her own private chopper.

And it’s not just helicopters the stars get around in. There are private jets too. And yachts. And six-figure cars that put our three-year-old Fiat Punto to shame (although we still love you, Percy, very much).

Celebrity homes are another source of extreme smugitis (not yet confirmed as an actual medical condition, but we suspect it is actually a real thing).

If that clothes rail you bought from Argos a few years back is creaking under the weight of all your (probably not designer) clothes, then we suggest you avoid looking at the picture of Mariah Carey‘s walk-in wardrobe, which is probably bigger than our entire flat.

Celebs know how to spend it, too. From downing bottles of £150-a-pop Dom Perignon champers (that’ll be Jamie Laing – who else?) to parting with so much $$$ in Fendi that they need to enlist their very own bellboy to carry their haul back to their (no doubt equally $$$) hotel room – hi, Kris Jenner – the stars have no trouble blowing their hard-earned cash.

Check out 19 of the smuggest celebrity shots from Instagram in the gallery below – and prepare for a visit from the Green Eyed Monster…