Rapper says Victoria wanted her man at home

Snoop Dogg says Posh put her foot down when he asked David out partying – but her fears were unnecessary.

‘I wanted to hang out with David (after Live8) because I’m a fan of his and he’s a fan of mine,’ he explains. ‘But his wife didn’t like that and she wouldn’t let him party with me.’

David’s a huge fan of the American musician’s music and has even called his two pooches Snoop and Dogg, but that wasn’t a good enough reason to convince Victoria.

‘She said something about my reputation – but I wasn’t going to introduce him to any girls,’ the 35-year-old rapper tells Night & Day Live magazine.

But Snoop does admit a liking for the ladies. ‘You have to know I’m a P.L.A.Y.A,’ he says. ‘It’s not that I go for women…they come to me.’

His wife of nine years Shante Broadus once threatened to divorce him but has stuck by her £200 million man.