Hair contouring is the hot new hair trend that promises to enhance your facial features - no tricky make-up techniques required!

We invested in all the tools, spent a whole weekend in front of the mirror and even chugged down a load of oysters in our quest to achieve a perfectly contoured face.

But now there’s a whole new contouring trend to get our head around: HAIR contouring.

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Yep, this is actually a thing. And, whilst Kim Kardashian is the official Patron Saint of Face Contouring, our hair contouring heroes include the likes of Jessica Alba, Sarah Jessica Parker and Lily Aldridge.

But just what is hair contouring? Well, it’s a little like balyage, the colouring technique loved by celebs the world over that sees highlights painted onto the hair for precise placement.

With hair contouring, the dye is applied in specific areas to flatter – and even alter – the appearance of your face shape, accentuating and drawing attention to your best features such as killer cheekbones à la Victoria’s Secret model Lily.

According the L’Oreal Paris, the technique ‘uses a combination of free hand application and highlighting paired with the careful positioning of different tones and depths around the face to highlight and shadow targeted areas.’

The brand’s website continues: ‘Darker tones create shadows and are used to shorten or narrow the face shape, whilst lighter tones elongate and lengthen the face shape by reflecting light.

‘This clever placement of colour and the careful selection of complimentary tones perform an optical illusion and make your face appear more defined and features more accentuated.’

Clever, huh?

And the results are pretty beautiful, as the celebrity snaps above prove.

If you’re looking for further guidance on the whole hair contouring trend, head over to Instagram where you’ll find plenty of hair-spiration under the #haircontouring hashtag.

See you at the salon!

Stephanie Wood