Model says she has uncontrollable mood swings

Love Island star Sophie Anderton has admitted she suffers from bipolar disorder, a condition previously known as manic depression.

Sophie was diagnosed with the illness earlier this year and says it’s the reason for her erratic behaviour on the ITV1 show this summer.

She says production staff gave her medication off-camera twice a day during her stint on Love Island but that the dosage was not enough to control her mood swings.

Sophie, who can currently be seen in Cirque De Celebrite on Sky One, found out about her condition earlier this year. She says: ‘I was quite scared and embarrassed at first because there’s still a stigma in this country surrounding mental illness.’

The 29-year-old will now have to take medication to control the condition for the rest of her life.

‘It explained a lot of the battles with drugs and alcohol,’ she tells the Daily Mail’s Weekend Magazine. ‘I was trying to control my moods by medicating with drink and drugs.

‘It should have been diagnosed 10 years ago and, after all the therapy I’ve had – I’ve been in rehab twice – I can’t believe it wasn’t.’

Muzakkir Iqbal