She's fed up with people mocking the couple’s height difference

Sophie Dahl is angry at people who ridicule the height difference between her and fella Jamie Cullum.

At 6ft, Sophie stands 8ins taller than the musician but she feels its no big deal.

‘I have watched with a mixture of bewildered horror and amusement the super-strange reaction to the fact that I am quite a bit taller than my boyfriend,’ she says.

‘The image of us together has been treated like a carnival show.’

Sophie, 31, says height – like skin colour – is something that shouldn’t be mocked.

‘If my boyfriend was black, I doubt very much there would have been such a vocal response to our coupling,’ she tells the Daily Express, ‘because that’s out of bounds.

‘What is lost in the sniggering is that we happen to be two people who met and fell madly in love.’

Laura Czerniak