Singer says she worked hard to lose weight after giving birth

Sophie Ellis-Bextor has hit out at critics who say she is too skinny.

She is happy with her figure and so is her husband, musician Richard Jones.

Sophie – who is mum to 3-year-old son Sonny – says she worked hard to lose her baby weight.

‘After I had Sonny I put in a lot of hours at the gym to get my figure back,’ she admits. ‘For six months it wasn’t a priority – I just wanted to be a mum. So it took about a year.

‘It was hard work. So when people told me I’d lost weight, I was like: “Thank you for noticing!”‘

But Sophie wasn’t too happy with suggestions that she’d slimmed down too much and insists the opinions of her friends and family are the only ones that count.

‘What annoyed me was when certain sections of the media said I’d gone too far,’ she tells the Mirror. ‘I think saying someone is too thin is as bad as saying they look too fat.

‘As long as my girlfriends, my mum and husband aren’t worried about me, I’m happy.’

Katie Evans