It's been a tough couple of years for the Newcastle lass

Sophie Kasaei has painfully opened up about her body image issues during her time off-screen, and has confessed that the extent of her weight-loss ‘worries’ her now, looking back.

As she prepares to return to the series on which she first hit public attention, Geordie Shore, the Newcastle-hailing gal is currently happier than she’s been in a while.

However, while she was away from the show, she lost a significant amount of weight from her curvy frame – to the extent that she began to lose hair!

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‘I look at the pictures and it worries us,’ the 26-year-old reality star revealed this week. ‘I looked ill. My ribs were on show. My hair start to fall out.’

Yikes – doesn’t sound like the easiest of times for her. However, career wise, things have been looking up, and it’s just one of plenty of positives as she’s also eating more healthily as well! And most importantly, she’s happier – despite the weight gain.

‘But this year has been the best year, I’ve started eating again,’ she continued. ‘That’s why I’m fat – because I’m happy.’

Sophie looking great in a recent Instagram pic

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Transformation pics: Look how much Sophie Kasaei has changed!

Though some of her reality TV show peers have also gone through similar weight-loss battles, she also fell prey to the allure of fillers and other cosmetic procedures such as lip-fillers. But much of that is now in her past.

‘I looked like Marge Simpson once after I got my lips dissolved,’ she said in her interview with new! magazine.

‘They went so big. Not long ago I had to get them dissolved because it started to look like I had a moustache.’ Moustache woes aside, she also confessed to getting her cheek fillers removed after finding a lump.

It’s great knowing that all’s well now – we can’t wait to see her back on screen for series 13 soon!