After saying he turned down Rita Ora when she tried to snog him, Nick Grimshaw reveals he WOULD snog Alexa Chung

We love a game of Snog, Marry, Avoid here at Now HQ – except when people start throwing friends into the mix…it just gets too personal guys – and we definitely want our next round to be with X Factor’s Nick Grimshaw.

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And while the Radio 1 DJ last week revealed that fellow judge on that there TV, Rita Ora, tried to get off with him once at Glastonbury, he shut down her offer – Awks – he’s now confessed that he’d give friend and general babe Alexa Chung a snog. More awks.

And the reason behind this? Because ‘she looks like a goer’. Yep. So. There’s that.

Xtra Factor hosts Rochelle Humes and Melvin Odoom also threw in Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne into the mix for this stylish game of Snog, Marry, Avoid.

Grimmy chose Kate Moss as his beloved and betrothed that he’d get married to, because she can cook. Good thinking there Grimmers.

As for Cara, he said he’d have to avoid the 23-year-old model because he has an inkling that she ‘does not keep a tidy house.’ Has he been spying on her from outside her house?!

We’ve got to say though, Nick and Alexa would make one oh-so-cool couple. So cool that we might need to put a jumper on.

SEE how much Nick’s transformed over the years!

Amy Lo