With girlfriend Lauren Hutton by his side and a fit new bod, Made In Chelsea’s Spencer Matthews is a changed man

Spencer Matthews made a name for himself as a womanising luxury-loving bachelor on Made In Chelsea but he’s dramatically turned over a new leaf.

Having swapped booze and a bad diet for exercise and a healthy eating plan – as well as settling down a bit with girlfriend Lauren Hutton – Spenny has undergone an incredible transformation.

Now he admits that he’s actually quite embarrassed by his previous behaviour on MIC and has sensationally confessed that he was often DRUNK when committing his past sins.

‘I regret a lot of the things I’ve done on Made In Chelsea,’ says Spencer, 27.

‘A lot of my decisions were made when drunk.’

In the earlier series of MIC Spencer fast carved out a reputation as a lothario after cheating on girlfriends including Louise Thompson and Lucy Watson, something he’s now thoroughly ashamed of.

‘Being unfaithful to some of my exes was obviously upsetting,’ the reality star says.

‘Despite the fact it made for good viewing, it’s embarrassing to be seen in that light. I’m just not that guy any more.’

Er, who are you and what have you done with the old Spencer Matthews?!

Spencer’s also horrified at having previously admitting to sleeping with 1,000 women and confesses that he might have been a bit ‘easy’ at times.

‘It’s not something I’m proud of,’ he says. ‘It’s not a figure that I flaunt around but, yeah, it’s a big number, unfortunately. I wish it was less.’

Things have clearly changed a lot for Spencer. The TV star – who hasn’t touched alcohol for 100 days now – says he’s grown ‘from a boy into a man’ thanks to his healthy new outlook and admits that his 10-month relationship with girlfriend Lauren, 27, has also been good for him.

‘I’m delighted with my girlfriend Lauren, she’s been a fantastic influence,’ says Spencer. ‘She goes out very rarely and now I don’t really feel the need to, either.

‘I own my own property now, I have a motorbike and a car, I cook instead of going out. I peel potatoes!’

Spenny peeling potatoes and staying at home with his lady? What’s going on?!

Given his shame over his poor relationship history, it’s no surprise that Spencer is determined for things to work out better with Lauren. The Chelsea boy thinks that his new health regime will help him to avoid making bad decisions in the future.

‘I’m going to have a very different relationship with alcohol,’ he tells Fabulous magazine.

‘If I did feel the urge to sleep with someone else, I’d start to question our relationship and I’d talk to Lauren about it. But I haven’t even thought about that, she keeps me very happy.’

So is marriage on the cards then, Spen?

‘This is the most serious relationship I’ve had, so were it to continue of course I’d think about [marriage],’ the MIC star says. ‘But I’m certainly not in a rush.’

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