The Made In Chelsea love rat hits back at criticism of him in Dan Wootton's exclusive chat

Spencer Matthews has earned a reputation as a love rat on Made In Chelsea thanks to cheating on Lucy Watson, 22, and Louise Thompson, 22.

In our exclusive interview, he admits he has ‘a problem’ with staying faithful and is sorry for his actions – but he hints that he thinks the women in his life have overreacted somewhat to his crimes.

Viewers were shocked when he cheated on Louise with another girl in her bed – but Spencer, 24, doesn’t see what the big deal is.

‘At the end of the day, a bed’s a bed, isn’t it? But I get that it’s a bad thing,’ he says. ‘Listen, if my girlfriend were to cheat on me in my bed, I’d see the cheating more than the fact that it was in my bed.

‘I’d probably just change the sheets. But that’s me. For girls, maybe it’s a bigger problem.’

No, Spencer, we think most people would have a problem with that!

It seems that Louise, who is now dating Andy Jordan on the show, has forgiven her wayward ex for his behaviour.

‘We’re mates,’ Spencer says. ‘We always worked as friends.’

‘What people don’t understand is that Louise and I have dated so many times over the past five years – we’re on-off-on-off-on-off.

‘We started dating when I was even more promiscuous than I am now. I was working at a promotions company and running 10 clubs a week. I was a kid and thought she was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen.

‘But I was far too young to be in a serious relationship.’

Read the full shocking chat with Spencer Matthews in this week’s Now magazine dated 22 July 2013 – download the digital edition now!


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