Former Made In Chelsea star Spencer Matthews has seriously slated the cast of the show.

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The reality posh boy exited the programme back in 2015 and has now dubbed the show as ‘childish’.

He and his wife, Vogue Williams, appeared on the Millennial Love podcast where they gave their two cents on those still taking part in the on screen drama’s of London’s lavish Chelsea, stating it’s ‘lost its original flare’.

Spencer said, “I never watched it after series one. It became a bit more produced and you had less control over what was happening. It’s a childish show.

“If you’re an adult who takes Made in Chelsea seriously I suggest you take a look at yourself.”


Irish model Vogue, who shares one-year-old son Theo with Spencer, chipped in to dub MIC “babyish”, before adding that she and her hubby don’t have the “make ups and break ups” that the show is famed for.

Recalling seeing snippets of Spencer during his time in the world of Made In Chelsea, Vogue continued, “I watched a compilation of [Spencer] dumping people and I remember thinking, ‘you’re actually a really horrible person’. “

Spencer and Vogue recently appeared in their own two part TV show, documenting their life as new parents and their journey to marriage.

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Taking a cheeky swipe at pal Jamie Laing, who is still a solid cast member on Chelsea, Vogue remarked, “Jamie Laing is probably too old for that makeup and break up stuff.”

“Yeah, Jamie Laing, being 31 in November, is too old for that show. I have spoken to him about it,” chipped in Spencer.

“We had a meeting with one of our producers today to see if he can jump ship onto our show were we to do a third one.”