Actress dons costume by the sea

Vanessa Hudgens has shared a sexy shot of herself dressed as a mermaid with friend Kim Hadalgo.

The picture, posted on Instagram, is a behind-the-scenes shot from a beach photoshoot.

It shows the girls looking beautiful in shell bra tops, coral tiaras and giant fishtails.

With their legs strapped together by their fins, the mates were unable to walk while in costume.

Images, uploaded by photographer Angelina Venturella, show them having to be carried across the sand to the sea.

They make perfect mermaids behind the scenes from today’s shoot,’ posts Angelina.

#bts #mermaid #mermaidtail #mermaidproject #beach #fins #fashion #love #summer.’

Former High School Musical star Vanessa, 24, recently ditched her good girl image to appear with Selena Gomez in X-rated film Spring Breakers,

She was originally freaked out by the real-life antics of college kids while they were shooting.

were these two girls on the ground, topless, making out with each
other,’ she says.

‘And then the bottoms started to come off, and I was like, “OH MY

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