Stacey Dooley and Kevin Clifton may be ready to split.

stacey dooley kevin clifton ready split

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The pair, who met on the last season of Strictly Come Dancing, have been officially in a relationship for just less than a year – but it seems like they could be on the rocks already.

Last year saw the couple succumb to the infamous Strictly curse, as when tournament winner Stacey Dooley started out on the show with her professional dancing partner Kevin, she was still in a relationship with ex-boyfriend Sam Tucknott.

But in true Strictly style the pair broke off their romance while Stacey was taking part in the show, leading to the competition-winning duo coming out as a couple after the show was finished.

However, sources have now claimed that the Strictly pair are wondering whether they did the right thing in getting together, especially now that the initial excitement of the relationship has worn off and they’re thinking about their long-term future – one which they are apparently very unsure about.

‘The build-up to Stacey and Kevin officially getting together made everything so much more exciting, and they loved being able to come out as a couple after hiding it for so long,’ an insider told Heat.

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‘But reality has started to sink in, and now they’re questioning whether they’re really right for one another. They get on great, but are worried it may be more of a friendship than a romantic relationship.’

The duo are rumoured to have been together during their time in Strictly, as fans were convinced by the couple’s fiery chemistry.

And insiders have suggested that people knew about the pair’s relationship while they were still on the show, with insiders suggesting that the relationship was an ‘open secret’ while the Strictly troup were on the Live Tour.

But it seems that now things might not be so smooth sailing for the couple as their relationship moves forward…