Stacey Solomon has spoken out about THAT controversy surrounding her first pantomime appearance...

Its that time of year again.

The world and its mother just wants to drink silly amounts of mulled wine, stock up on the ol’ mince pies and kick back at the panto.

Sounds like festive heaven, right?!

Well, it turns out that our Stacey Solomon has come under a bit of criticism lately-having been critiqued on seemingly not knowing her lines for her Dick Whittington pantomime part.

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Stacey had kicked off her panto acting stint on Thursday of last week- choosing to bring a clipboard prop on stage with her, so she could have the lines as prompt.

Having freshly stepped back onto home turf after filming down under for I’m a Celebrity Extra Camp, Stacey’s representatives had shared that due to her busy schedule she hadn’t been able to attend rehearsals.

However, she had been trying her best, having been ‘sent the songs, script and a video in advance, she had little time to practice in isolation from her co-presenters’.

Her spokesperson explains, ‘She arrived at the theatre this morning jet lagged and shattered, and got straight on with it’ before adding, ‘She didn’t want to let one person down so she went on, clipboard in hand, and smashed it’.

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Stacey has now spoken out over the controversy surrounding her use of a prompt, explaining on Loose Women that the clipboard was only to help her on the technical side of the production- telling the audience “I knew my lines’.

Stacey explains, ‘The [theatre company] were really conscious of me making sure that for safety reasons I was in the right places, I cued the right people at the right time’.

Stacey then went on to discuss her boyfriend Joe, who had taken to Twitter to defend Stacey after she was slammed by users for her clipboard use.

Replying to a Tweet reading ‘This is shameful. Shouldn’t cash her pay check’, Joe writes ‘Why don’t you PIPE DOWN mate and do your own thing BADLY!What a little hater YOU you should be ashamed and I will tell you when I see u next’.

Speaking of this online fiasco, Stacey explains ‘I adore Joe so much and everything he does is from his heart and he saw how hard I worked and I was really upset’.

Alice Perry