The new parents have fallen out over night feeds…

Stacey took to Instagram stories to ask fans for support after she and partner Joe had a bust-up over who would feed their three-month-old son Rex.

‘Update on Joe’s first night back,’ Stacey wrote. ‘He insisted on doing the night feed to let me sleep and then…’

‘3am,’ she continued in the video. ‘Stace, Stacey, Stacey, Stace. He’s awake.

‘I b****y know he’s awake. I can hear him crying, feed him without waking me up!’

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‘6am, feed number two,’ she continued in a second clip. ‘Stace, Stace, Stace, he’s crying.

‘I know he’s crying, feed the child and he’ll stop crying.

‘But Stace, I’m so tired, I fed him at three and I’m so tired from my holiday.’

‘I thought you was gonna at least do one feed,’ Joe cut in. ‘You’re missing out vital bits of the story, like the traffic and the delay and the work until 12 at night. I was up at five. I didn’t get home until one in the morning!’

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‘Let’s do a little poll,’ Stacey concluded. ‘Is it ever OK to say, when you’re going through the night feed phase, to say: “I’m so tired from my holiday”?’

Fans rushed to offer their support after Stacey added a poll to the story, with 94 per cent agreeing that it was ‘not OK’ for Joe to wake Stacey up. Just 6 per cent said it was OK.

And Stacey fired up a second debate when she shared an adorable picture of baby Rex in the couple’s bed, writing: ‘Happy Saturday! Don’t worry he obviously doesn’t sleep in bed with us or with any duvets we just love playing with him in there. And this picture was too good to miss.’

Fans took to their keyboards to defend the practice of co-sleeping, and to say that Stacey shouldn’t have to defend herself.

‘You don’t have to explain yourself to anybody,’ wrote one mum. ‘My daughter has slept in my bed since she was born and she’s two and still in my bed. I say each to their own when it comes to where you want your babies to sleep. So long as we all practice safe sleeping what has it to do with anybody else?!’