X Factor star suffered from postnatal depression

Stacey Solomon has revealed that she struggled to come to terms with being pregnant when she was having her eldest son Zach.

The former X Factor star was only 17 and had just enrolled at college when she discovered she was expecting. It was a big blow to her plans.

‘Finding out I was pregnant was devastating,’ says Stacey, 23.

‘As soon as I told my mum and dad, their reaction was, “That’s it, you won’t be able to do anything you wanted to do”.

‘It felt like all my dreams had been shattered. I didn’t want to be pregnant so I didn’t act like I was. To me I was just me. I still went out. I was just fatter.’

Stacey – who gave birth to her second son Leighton in May – continued to feel unhappy after Zach was born and suffered from crippling postnatal depression.

‘It made me not feel young anymore,’ the mum-of-two tells the Daily Mirror.

‘[After the labour] I had stitches everywhere and I was bleeding. I felt like everything was ruined. I was 18 and didn’t want to be a mum.

‘I remember lying there thinking, “I’ve had a baby I suppose”. Suddenly I was a mum with massive responsibilities.

‘I didn’t feel any kind of bond with my baby. It felt like everything I did was wrong and all I could do was cry.’

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