Oh Stace...

Barely a day goes by when Stacey Solomon isn’t giving us serious LOLs on Instagram.

Whether it’s getting stuck in a wig, teasing her boyfriend Joe Swash or just being a general Queen – this Loose Women lady knows how to cheer us up.

Stacey Solomon

And her latest social media offering has definitely done that, after the mum-of-two made a hilarious confession about her nipples.


While pouting at the camera in an incred pink jumper with her hands by her face, the I’m A Celebrity winner pointed out an unfortunately-placed stain on her outfit.

‘Happy Tuesday!!! It’s deffo cool to be kind. P.S that mark isn’t my nipple it’s my food I spilt down myself,’ she wrote on the snap.

Before jokingly adding: ‘P.P.S we know this for sure because my nipple would be closer to my waist’.

Oh Stace! And her 837k followers were left in hysterics, as one wrote: ‘So funny. Your a star’.

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Another joked: ‘Can’t stop looking at your “nipple” now!!!’, while a third added: ‘Love you! I like the fact that you can laugh at yourself!’

It comes after the LW panelist made some pretty big predictions about her relationship with fellow I’m A Celeb star Joe this year.

During a night out last week, the telly star shared a funny video telling her other half: ‘You’ve got the best thing going on right there Joseph Swash’.

‘Never, never, never let her go or bad things will happen!’ LOL!

Joe then asked: ‘Are you telling me or threatening me?’

Before Stacey got a VERY strong message from the spirit world, as she added: ‘Propose, propose, propose, I can hear the word propose!’

To which Joe quipped back: ‘You’re such a d**k ain’t ya.’ Eeeek!

But the EastEnders actor is clearly also keen to take things to the next level with Stacey, as he recently told The Sun: ‘We want to have a family ourselves.’

AW! We reckon it’s going to be a big year for these two…