The star finally opens up about THAT smoking scandal

The past six months have been full of extreme ups and dramatic downs for former X Factor finalist Stacey Solomon.

Back in March, for the first time in her career, the squeaky-clean star came under fire after she was caught smoking four times in 
two hours while she was seven months pregnant.

Stacey, former I’m A Celebrity winner and co-host of Sky Living’s dating show The Love Machine, immediately admitted 
it was ‘selfish’.

After breaking down in tears on TV, said that she’d tried everything to quit – only managing to cut down from her pre-pregnancy habit of 10 cigarettes a day to around one to three 
a day instead.

But, having weathered the storm, 
Stacey, 22, welcomed baby Leighton – her son with fiancé Aaron Barham – in May, a little brother for four-year-old Zachary, her son from a previous relationship.

Looking back, Stacey admits it was stressful to get so much criticism after being such a media darling.

‘It was horrible. But people were really, really supportive of me 
on Twitter and Facebook,’ she tells Now’s Dan Wootton.

‘The biggest thing that scared me was the fact that it isn’t good being upset when you’re pregnant.

‘But I honestly thought: “If this is the worst thing I’ve done in the whole wide world, then I’m not a bad person.”

‘I’m a human being and now everyone in the world knows I’m not perfect.’

Stacey was glad of the support of her family and her ‘amazing’ fiancé Aaron.

‘I remember him saying: “This is life. You’ll have people who agree with what you do and people who don’t,”‘ she says.

‘He also reassured me by saying: “Even if everyone in the world hates you, you’ve still got home.”

‘That, to me, was the most important thing.’

Stacey’s supporting Sky and British Cycling’s Sky Ride campaign to promote cycling. 
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Read Dan Wootton‘s full interview with Stacey Solomon in Now magazine dated 3 September 2012 – out now!

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