Zoe sees the appeal of 'amazing' Benedict

Zoë Saldana has revealed that she’s a big fan of Benedict Cumberbatch.

The pair star together in sci-fi flick Star Trek Into Darkness and Zoë is in awe of Benedict, 36, who plays villain John Harrison.

Ben is amazing,’ says Zoë, 34.

‘And it’s easy to be fooled by him.

‘He comes in with this cute English accent and his delicate face and he’s so sweet, and then you watch him go to work playing this bad-ass villain and go, “Oh my God, this man is the bomb,” as we say in Queens.

‘That guy is very good.’

Benedict’s army of female fans – known as Cumberbitches – love to see him in action and Zoë thinks women are enjoying the sci-fi movie just as much as men.

Star Trek may be set in space, but it’s about people,’ the Avatar actress tells You Magazine.

‘Yes, there’s fantastic action and big set pieces, but at the heart it’s great storytelling. Why wouldn’t women dig that?’

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