Benedict Cumberbatch got sick of the same food every day

Benedict Cumberbatch had to tone up for his role in Star Trek Into Darkness – and found it very tough.

The actor worked out rigorously and ate 4,000 calories a day to get in shape for the part of of villain John Harrison in the sci-fi flick.

‘It’s horrible, you turn into a creature from hell because all the fuel you’re relying on to get you through the workout disappears,’ says Benedict, 36.

‘Now I know how girls feel. Diets are sh*t!’

Benedict started to find the regime easier when he stopped restricting himself to eating just chicken.

‘I didn’t go for junk food for weight. It was chicken – all sorts of chicken,’ the Sherlock star says.

‘And salmon. And protein shakes. But we tried to keep it normal food-based, carbs and protein.

‘My fellow American actors would walk on set with these beautiful little bags of pre-made meals. I’d go: “Where did you get one of those? Oh, from a dietician!

‘Can I have a dietician? So I don’t have to eat chicken, chicken and then more chicken.”

‘Because I was, for two weeks, eating nothing but chicken, potatoes and broccoli!’

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Anna Francis