The judge took barely 15 minutes to reach the decision

Jeremy McConnell has been found guilty of assaulting Stephanie Davis after she spoke in court of how she feared he was going to kill her during a vicious row.

The actress accused Jeremy of ‘throwing her like a rag doll’ and biting her as she gave evidence against him during his trial on Monday for allegedly assaulting Steph at her home in Liverpool in March.


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Steph, 24, told Liverpool Magistrates’ Court that the argument broke out following her birthday celebrations in the city as she suspected that Jeremy, 27, had been using drugs and this led to a violent row later on.

‘He was calling me a slag, that I was fat and that no-one would ever want to touch me again,’ the former Hollyoaks star claimed before demonstrating how Jeremy had grabbed her face.

‘He put his thumb into the side of my gums, and that’s when I really started to panic. He was having, what I know and what Jeremy knows as, “psychotic episodes.”

‘He took my phone off me, and I was trying to get it off him and he was ragging me everywhere. He bit the inside of my arm.’

She said the assault was like ‘something out of a horror movie’ and that she feared for her life when Jeremy left the property only to return again where he started ‘kicking on the front door’.

‘He was booting my glass doors with his foot, and I thought the glass was going to shatter,’ Steph tearfully alleged. ‘I thought, “this is it, he’s going to kill me.”’

Steph went on to claim that the couple – who are parents to six-month-old son Caben – rowed over a vibrator which Jeremy believed she had been using with a female friend who he accused her of having a lesbian affair with.

At certain points in court things got heated between Steph and Jeremy, with Jeremy tutting and muttering ‘lies’ whilst his ex-girlfriend was questioned by his defence team which caused Steph to shout at him.

A few minutes later Steph broke down in tears as she claimed she’d had the ‘worst 18 months’ of her life and then became angry when Jeremy laughed at her.

‘Jeremy is laughing at me in the court. Why are you laughing? You’re a blatant liar?’ Steph yelled. ‘How can he do this to me? It’s the truth.’

‘I can’t help but laugh,’ Jeremy responded.

The judge was forced to order a break after telling the arguing pair that their behaviour was unacceptable and Steph was heard shouting profanities as she left the court.

Steph’s mum Pauline went on to give evidence and described how she arrived at her daughter’s house at around 4am following the incident and found Steph ‘visibly shaken and upset’.

She explained that she was ‘very frightened’ of Jeremy so didn’t call the police and says she was torn between ‘keeping Steph safe and the baby’.

During the case the defence accused Steph of ‘fabricating’ the assault claims to stop Jeremy from going on Ex On The Beach, something she denied by saying: ‘No, he’s already going on Ex On The Beach.’

Jeremy admitted when questioned by the defence team that he had shared a bag of cocaine with friends on the night of the assault but claimed that he’d acted in self defence against Stephanie after she’d attacked him when she learned he’d been taking drugs.

‘I pushed her off me when she was hitting me. She must have hit me 10 to 15 times,’ he told the court.

‘I had to defend myself. I put my arm up. I’ve never hit Stephanie. I’m sure I did have bruises. 100 per cent.’

It took Judge Wendy Lloyd barely 15 minutes to find Jeremy guilty though and she explained to the court: ‘This is a sad story, like many of this sort there is much emotion on both sides.

‘Mr McConnell may prefer to think he acted in self defence. I believe his judgement was totally clouded by drugs and alcohol.’

At a previous court appearance on 10 May, Jeremy pleaded guilty to a charge of criminal damage but denied assault by beating.

The Irishman was granted bail on Monday and will be given his sentence on Friday.