The power of magic or whatever has found a way

Stephanie Davis has asked a psychic to predict when her baby boy will arrive and it looks like the Davis family could be in for a double-celebration… this CHRISTMAS!

That’s right, the actress-turned-reality star is five months pregnant but, since she’s already quite a bit bigger than she should be in the second trimester, the psychic thought it would fall just short of her January due date.

Wow! Steph is just so good at growing babies it’s not only arriving early, but on Christmas as well…

The 23-year-old wrote in her column for OK! Online: ‘I had my antenatal last week and my little man is doing just fine. His heartbeat is a bit too fast but the midwife said that’s probably because he’s so active.


‘They checked it again before we left and everything is fine. They will need to keep an eye on hm and me though as my belly is bigger than it should be. I’ll have growth scans right up until December.

‘However, my friend saw a psychic the other day and they told her I wouldn’t make my due date. I would be made up with a Christmas baby! It would be like the best present ever.’

That would be a great Christmas present! The only downside would be having to sleep under the tree on Christmas Eve.

Maybe the former Celebrity Big Brother star, who’s expecting the baby with ex boyfriend Jeremy McConnell, could take inspiration from the marvellous date.

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She could name him after legendary Physicist and discoverer of the Theory of Gravity, Sir Isaac Newton? Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau? Jorgie Porter? Jesus? Dido?

We’ll have to wait to see if the psychic’s message will ring true and if so, this means that psychics can really predict the future.

(It doesn’t)