Our heart is going out to Stephanie Davis following a series of tear-jerking tweets about her Grandfather.

The actress posted four tweets beginning with a happy birthday message to her Nan. She went on to pay tribute to her late grandfather, who she affectionately calls Gangan, finishing with: “Wish he was here now. Miss you so so so much what I’d give for one more day with you I thought u would never leave”.




Stephanie was very close to grandfather Albert Mulvaney, who sadly passed away last summer. Her mum Pauline told the Liverpool Echo that her daughter was “devastated” after his death.

Her tweets come after a difficult week for the former Hollyoaks actress. Following a tumultuous relationship with Jeremy McConnell, who she had been dating on and off since they met on Celebrity Big Brother earlier this year, Stephanie broke down in tears when questioned about it a few days ago.

Speaking to Spin1038, she said: ‘there’s no room for me in his life and that’s it.’ In the emotional interview, she claimed she felt like she had “lost everyone” after falling out with family and friends over the relationship.

We hope you feel better soon Steph!