The former CBB star has spoken out for the first time since splitting with Jeremy for the final time

Stephanie Davis has broken her silence following another fiery split with ex Jeremy McConnell, claiming she was left ‘destroyed’ by their relationship.

The pair have been on-off since they met on Celebrity Big Brother in 2016 and even share six-month-old Caben Albi together.

But Steph has said they are now over for good this time, claiming his ‘psychotic episodes’ when he was on cocaine tore them apart.

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Speaking to The Mirror about a particular incident where she had to take their son to hospital, the 24-year-old explained: ‘Caben had breathing difficulties. Jeremy came over and we talked and he said he was fixed, but then told me he was going back to Ireland for a friend’s leaving drinks.

‘I said: “That’s fine, just let me know when you get home safe” but I didn’t hear from him until the next afternoon.

‘He said I must be having an affair in a hospital and he could prove it because the blankets were a different colour.

‘It was completely absurd, but he has these psychotic episodes on coke where he’s so paranoid about everything.’

Jeremy and Steph at happier times [Instagram]

The former Hollyoaks actress also added: ‘I can see why people have lost respect for me because all I’ve done is take him back and take him back. But what to do when you love someone?

‘No matter what you go through in life, no matter what bad past you’ve got, nothing gives you the right to destroy another human. And I am destroyed.’

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In the interview, Steph – who was arrested for allegedly attacking her on-off boyfriend at a London hotel two weeks ago – also claims that she’ll never be with him again.

‘He’s got like a split personality between the good side, which I get for 2-3 days which is the person I want to marry and be with, the person I fell in love with but then that nasty side.’

A statement on behalf of Jeremy has been released, reading: ‘Jeremy has been quite open and honest with the fact that he relapsed and Steph has no right to discuss his illness.’