The rowing lovers are back together - but fans are concerned over their son Caben

At this point, the relationship dramas between Stephanie Davis and Jeremy McConnell are near impossible to ignore – especially when both parties are fond of expressing their many feelings on social media!

And although they’ve experienced some extremely rocky moments together, it seems as if they’re back on track once more, and have shown a united front with some coupled up pictures at the beach.

However, not all of their followers are convinced – and haven’t held back in voicing their doubts…

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Stephanie, 24, and Jeremy took a trip to the seaside over the weekend, seemingly in a move to reconnect after a uniquely trying week: Jeremy, 27, pleaded ‘not guilty’ to an assault charge against her, while Steph was hospitalised with a stress-related illness.

Stephanie left the hospital accompanied by Jeremy on Friday (12th May), despite rumours that they’d split amid Jeremy’s current legal battle. However, they’ve made it clear that they’re very much together with an impromptu photoshoot during a trip to the seaside.

‘Laughs in the sun with my cheeky monkey before we fell in the sea,’ Steph wrote as a happy caption alongside a photo posted on Sunday (14th May), showing her lifted on his back and clinging to him tightly:

Laughs in the sun with my cheeky monkey🐒Before we fell in the sea😂☀️🌅💛 @jeremymcconnellcooke

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Clearly hoping to avoid further commentary on her relationship, Stephanie disabled the comments section for this picture.

However, it seems as if Jeremy was feeling more confident with public response; when he posted a similarly happy picture from the same day, fans were free to respond freely…

Beach fun ❤️

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…and luckily, plenty of fans were simply happy to see them both getting along so well once again.

‘Lovely to see you making a go of it, ignore the haters,’ reads one encouraging response – while another urges them to stick together for the sake of their son Caben-Albi:

‘What a lovely couple but please stop splitting up every two mins the baby needs stability…’

Others were harsher in their views about their relationship, telling Jeremy they’re ‘Embarrassed for you both’ and ‘I can’t keep up!’

Some were also concerned by the fact that Caben, who is nearly five-months old, was nowhere to be seen in the pictures.

‘When do the two of you ever have your child?’ asked one, while another joined in with: ‘So much for my son comes first????’

However, there were plenty of others willing to stick up for them having some time away from the baby, reasoning that he could also just be out of the shot:

‘Who’s to say baby wasn’t there. He could just be out of the frame. Mum’s and parents are entitled to have an hour or so to them selves. People are so judgemental.’ (sic)

One thing that we can all agree on: we hope they stay as happy as they look for as long as possible.