Steph has spoken out after a bizarre week

After a tumultuous week of back and forths, Stephanie Davis has officially spoken out about her relationship with Jeremy McConnell – and claims that he is entering rehab to seek help with an alleged drug problem.

Parents to baby Caben-Albi, Stephanie and Jeremy have had more than their fair share of public drama in the last week alone – after Steph went on a Twitter rant scalding him for how he’s treated her, he took to social media to accuse her of putting a ‘hit’ out on him.

However, Steph has now claimed that her estranged partner will be entering rehab soon – or else, he risks losing access to their son.

‘He has agreed to go to rehab for six weeks. It will be quite immediate,’ Steph revealed to OK! Online on Friday (31st March), before stating that she’s willing to stand beside him during this tough time.

‘Jeremy knows that he is 100% in the wrong. And he has done things that aren’t good. But he isn’t a bad person, deep down, he’s not an evil vindictive person.

‘He has had a drug problem which he has now admitted to… so I’m willing to stand by him and help him.’

Steph and Jeremy on Loose Women in February 2016

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Since February, Steph and Jeremy have been back in each other’s lives to co-raise their son. Though they haven’t reconnected on romantic terms, the 24-year-old former Hollyoaks actress admits that she hasn’t stopped loving him – but that this is his final chance to be in their son’s life.

‘He knows how bad he’s been. But I do love him. I never stopped loving him…I would never have him around Caben, the way he’s been. He won’t be around Caben until he proves himself.

‘For Jeremy this is get help or die situation. So I said to him, you either get help or that’s it, you lose him for good.’

As of yet, Jeremy’s people have not commented on Steph’s claims. Here’s hoping that they’re able to reunite as a full family unit soon.