Steph's had one heck of a year

Contenders for one of the least amicable breakups of 2016 have to be Stephanie Davis and Jeremy McConnell. Though their relationship was short, they’ve had one of the rockiest splits of recent years, with accusations of cheating and even drug use flying between them.

And it’s clear that it’s still a sore subject, as she’s emotionally blasted him in a recent chat.

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Irish model Jeremy has been very vocal about his doubts over the paternity of Steph’s child, and has vehemently denied being the father. But when asked whether his words upset her, she tried to keep her cool.

‘Jeremy knows the truth,’ 23-year-old Steph responded simply. But it wasn’t long before she let the pain show, and broke down when denying that she’d slept with anyone else during their love affair.

‘This really hurt me because I was 100 per cent faithful,’ she said through tears.

‘He cheated on me time and time again, then calmly denied it on live TV and to me, saying it was just lies and it was girls trying to break us up and he never slept with them. He just lied.’

After meeting Jeremy in January, in Celebrity Big Brother, Steph’s life has changed unbelievably in just the space of a year. When asked whether she’d change anything, Steph’s answer was definitely not straightforward.

‘If I’d known all of this would happen I wouldn’t have gone in!’ she joked to new! magazine, before clarifying that she would – but only for her son’s sake. ‘No I would have, to have the baby, but if he wasn’t here I would have run for my life!

Cradling the bump (Instagram)

Cradling the bump (Instagram)

‘I was looking through press articles the other day going, “Did this actually happen? How am I still standing?” My body has grown another human being while going through all this absolute crap.’

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Despite all the trauma she’s gone through in 2016, it’s nice to know that she’s got something wonderful waiting for her in the next few weeks. Good for her!